Art of Lorenzo Di Mauro, Lorenzo Di Mauro Art, Lorenzo Art, Lorenzo's Di Mauro Art
Lorenzo artworks, pin-up art, fantasy paintings, portraits, caricatures
Art of Lorenzo Di Mauro, Lorenzo Di Mauro Art, Lorenzo Art, Lorenzo's Di Mauro Art





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Lorenzo artworks, miscellaneous art

Lorenzo artworks, pin-up art, Model Sarah Barton

Lorenzo artworks, miscellaneous art

02/18/2023:Pinups Love Vespa 4 -Pin Up Art Gallery 18

12/31/2022:Buon Anno Nuovo -Various Art Gallery 2

12/15/2022:Making Up For Christmas -Various Art Gallery 2

11/15/2022:Matteo -Children Gallery

10/26/2022:Ready For The Night 2 -Various Art Gallery 2

10/05/2022:Princess Wedding Night -Various Art Gallery 2

09/14/2022:Miss Spicy Ginger -Pin Up Art Gallery 18

08/30/2022:Michela -Various Art Gallery 2

05/04/2022:Curvy Pride -Pin Up Art Gallery 18

04/16/2022:Easter Bunny 2 -Various Art Gallery 2

03/27/2022:Waiting For The Bus -Pin Up Art Gallery 18

03/07/2022:Curvy Is Great -Pin Up Art Gallery 17

02/24/2022:Blanca -Pin Up Art Gallery 17

02/16/2022:Dita Von Teese -Portraits Gallery 6

02/07/2022:Fitness -Various Art Gallery 2

01/27/2022:La Femme Fantome -Pin Up Art Gallery 17

12/16/2021:Making of "Let It Snow" -Various Art Gallery 2

12/15/2021:Marilyn Christmas -Various Art Gallery 2

12/08/2021:Unforgettable -Pin Up Art Gallery 17

10/30/2021:Halloween Night -Various Art Gallery 2

10/14/2021:The Girl With The Golden Dress -Pin Up Art Gallery 17

09/26/2021:Diana -Portraits Gallery 6

09/13/2021:Quite Pleasing View Here -Pin Up Art Gallery 17

08/22/2021:Flirtatious Revealing -Pin Up Art Gallery 17

08/14/2021:How Hot -Various Art Gallery 2

08/07/2021:For Your Eyes Only -Pin Up Art Gallery 17

06/25/2021:Costume Stretching -Various Art Gallery 2

06/10/2021:The Girl Next Door -Pin Up Art Gallery 17

05/26/2021:BatM1 -Various Art Gallery 1

05/15/2021:Putting On Lipstick -Various Art Gallery 2

04/24/2021:HeartBreakers Squad 2 -Pin Up Art Gallery 17

04/03/2021:Easter Bunny -Various Art Gallery 2

03/31/2021:Making of "Deity In Latex" -Various Art Gallery 2

03/11/2021:Making of "Stockings" -Anim SByS Gallery

02/26/2021:QS5 -Various Art Gallery 1

02/14/2021:Making of "Trompe L'Oeil" -Anim SByS Gallery

02/07/2021:Sofia Goggia -Various Art Gallery 2

01/30/2021:Barefoot In The Park -Pin Up Art Gallery 17

12/14/2020:Christmas Stefania -Portraits Gallery 6

11/28/2020:Stefania Model 1 -Portraits Gallery 6

11/15/2020:Carolina -Various Art Gallery 2

11/09/2020:A Pretty Predicament -Pin Up Art Gallery 16

11/01/2020:Gene Tierney -Portraits Gallery 6

10/24/2020:Ready For The Night -Various Art Gallery 1

10/15/2020:Elsa Lanchester -Portraits Gallery 6

10/08/2020:Mystic Tea -Various Art Gallery 1

10/01/2020:Loren -Various Art Gallery 1

09/24/2020:Making of "Flirting" -Anim SByS Gallery

09/20/2020:Sirena_1 -Various Art Gallery 2

09/10/2020:Dreamsville -Pin Up Art Gallery 16

09/07/2020:Chérie -Pin Up Art Gallery 16

08/09/2020:Simonetta Columbu -Portraits Gallery 6

08/03/2020:Supergirl -Various Art Gallery 2

07/26/2020:Virna Lisi 2 -Portraits Gallery 6

07/22/2020:Virna Lisi 1 -Portraits Gallery 5

07/19/2020:Jennifer Connelly -Portraits Gallery 5

07/16/2020:Making of "Pardon, Madam" -Anim SByS Gallery

07/15/2020:DivaRivalry Cessation -Various Art Gallery 2

06/21/2020:Swing -Various Art Gallery 2

06/15/2020:Making of "Enjoy Springtime" -Anim SByS Gallery

06/07/2020:Anna Veith -Various Art Gallery 2

05/28/2020:Marilyn Forever -Anim SByS Gallery

05/25/2020:QS4 -Various Art Gallery 2

05/18/2020:A Fascinating Slide Show -Pin Up Art Gallery 16

04/15/2020:QS3 -Various Art Gallery 2

04/09/2020:QS2 -Various Art Gallery 2

04/05/2020:Season Bunny 3 -Various Art Gallery 2

03/28/2020:Shady Café Back -Pin Up Art Gallery 16

03/15/2020:Worried Vampirella -Various Art Gallery 2

03/07/2020:QS1 -Various Art Gallery 2

03/01/2020:On The Road -Pin Up Art Gallery 16

02/15/2020:Wrestling Girls -Various Art Gallery 2

02/09/2020:Making of "One More Red Sonja" -Anim SByS Gallery

01/26/2020:Trench On Lingerie -Pin Up Art Gallery 16

01/09/2020:Sitting Pretty -Pin Up Art Gallery 16

12/30/2019:Happy 2020 -Various Art Gallery 2

12/22/2019:Let it Snow -Various Art Gallery 2

12/15/2019:Delightful In Black Silk -Pin Up Art Gallery 16

11/30/2019:Making of "Bloodless Vampirella" -Anim SByS Gallery

10/16/2019:Halloween Black Cat -Various Art Gallery 2

10/09/2019:Deity In Latex -Pin Up Art Gallery 16

09/28/2019:Stockings -Pin Up Art Gallery 15

09/18/2019:Making of "Red Sonja" -Anim StepByStep Gallery

08/21/2019:Casual Slip -Pin Up Art Gallery 15

08/11/2019:AH Ink Brush -Portraits Gallery 5

08/03/2019:MM Natural 2 -Portraits Gallery 5

07/14/2019:MM Natural 1 -Portraits Gallery 5

07/06/2019:Making of "Your Coat Madam" -Anim StepByStep Gallery

06/13/2019:Trompe L'Oeil -Various Art Gallery 2

06/01/2019:Making of "Frying Mutant Tentacles" -Anim StepByStep Gallery

05/18/2019:Flirting -Pin Up Art Gallery 15

05/03/2019:Making of "Wet Night" -Anim StepByStep Gallery

04/28/2019:Pardon, Madam -Pin Up Art Gallery 15

04/20/2019:Enjoy Springtime -Various Art Gallery 2

04/02/2019:Natural Silk WB -Pin Up Art Gallery 15

03/27/2019:One More Red Sonja -Various Art Gallery 2

03/03/2019:Bettie Natural Nude -Pin Up Art Gallery 15

02/20/2019:Bettie Natural Study -Pin Up Art Gallery 15

02/16/2019:Red Sonja -Various Art Gallery 2

02/09/2019:Interview-Lorenzo featured at Alufem Milano

02/01/2019:Bloodless Vampirella -Various Art Gallery 2

01/30/2019:Unveiling Bettie -Pin Uo Art Gallery 15

01/24/2019:La Lollo -Portraits Gallery 5

01/14/2019:Making of "Bat Girl" -Anim StepByStep Gallery

01/06/2019:Marilyn 1 Natural media -Portraits Gallery 5

12/22/2018:Your Coat, Madam -Various Art Gallery 2

11/30/2018:Frying Mutant Tentacles -Various Art Gallery 2

11/15/2018:Making of "Late For Sabba" -Anim StepByStep Gallery

11/01/2018:Elvgren Pinup -Pin Up Art Gallery 15

10/30/2018:Late For Sabba -Various Art Gallery 2

10/03/2018:Bluto Natural media -Portraits Gallery 5

09/28/2018:Making of "Help" -Anim StepByStep Gallery

09/14/2018:Making of "Kidnapping" -Anim StepByStep Gallery

09/02/2018:Thinking of Julie -Portraits Gallery 5

08/30/2018:Medcalf Pinup -Pin Up Art Gallery 15

07/14/2018:Making of "Booty Zatanna" -Anim StepByStep Gallery

07/05/2018:Making of "Season Bunny 2" -Anim StepByStep Gallery

06/21/2018:Making of "Season Bunny" -Anim StepByStep Gallery

06/14/2018:Making of "WonderW" -Anim StepByStep Gallery

05/31/2018:Making of "Quick Sketch" -Anim StepByStep Gallery

05/20/2018:Bat Girl -Various Art Gallery 2

05/05/2018:Purrr -Various Art Gallery 2

04/26/2018:Old Time -Various Art Gallery 1

04/12/2018:Golden Cats -Various Art Gallery 1

03/29/2018:Easter Time -Various Art Gallery 2

03/10/2018:Death Angel -Various Art Gallery 2

02/01/2018:Alessandrinah -Children Gallery

02/01/2018:Alessandro -Children Gallery

01/01/2018:Happy New Year -Various Art Gallery 2

10/26/2017:Heavy Pumpkin -Various Art Gallery 1

10/07/2017:Marina -Portraits Gallery 5

09/22/2017:Miriam & Sandro -Portraits Gallery 5

09/20/2017:Help -Various Art Gallery 2

09/09/2017:Quick Sketch -Various Art Gallery 2

08/15/2017:Ski Belle -Pin Up Art Gallery 14

07/22/2017:Bellezze In Bicicletta -Pin Up Art Gallery 14

04/15/2017:Season Bunny 2 -Various Art Gallery 2

04/09/2017:Concept Sketch -Various Art Gallery 2

04/03/2017:Pinups Love Vespa 3 -Pin Up Art Gallery 14

03/18/2017:Pinups Love Vespa 2 -Pin Up Art Gallery 14

03/16/2017:Making of "Black Cat SC" -Anim StepByStep Gallery

03/11/2017:Kidnapping -Various Art Gallery 2

02/05/2017:Burlesque In Red -Pin Up Art Gallery 13

01/15/2017:WonderW -Various Art Gallery 2

12/08/2016:Christmas Time -Various Art Gallery 1

11/02/2016:Festa Dei Morti -Various Art Gallery 2

10/26/2016:Dressing Up For The Night -Various Art Gallery 2

09/08/2016:Making of "Nina" -Anim StepByStep Gallery

08/31/2016:Addio Gene Wilder -Various Art Gallery 1

08/07/2016:Making of "Fuchsia" -Anim StepByStep Gallery

07/18/2016:Wet Night -Various Art Gallery 1

07/07/2016:Making of "Rocketeer Cosplay" -Anim Steps Gallery

07/02/2016:Short interview at Barbarus, Dutch cultural web magazine

06/22/2016:Marilyn Sketck -Portraits Gallery 5

06/11/2016:Venticello -Pin Up Art Gallery 13

05/26/2016:Addio Muhammad Ali -Various Art Gallery 1

05/18/2016:Black Cat Second Catsuit -Various Art Gallery 2

05/15/2016:Making of "Vempirella Is Back" -Anim Steps Gallery

04/28/2016:Buon vento amico -Various Art Gallery 1

04/21/2016:Addio mio Principe -Various Art Gallery 1

04/14/2016:Rocketeer Cosplay -Various Art Gallery 2

03/26/2016:Addio Paolo Poli -Various Art Gallery 1

03/21/2016:Season Bunny 1 -Various Art Gallery 1

03/11/2016:Vampirella Is Back -Various Art Gallery 2

02/24/2016:Luca -Children Gallery

02/20/2016:Sofia -Children Gallery

02/09/2016:Paolo Fresu -Portraits Gallery 4

02/03/2016:Britt Ekland -Portraits Gallery 4

01/22/2016:Happy Days -Pin Up Art Gallery 12

01/11/2016:Addio Mr. Bowie -Various Art Gallery 1

01/09/2016:Addio Mr. B.B.King -Various Art Gallery 1

01/07/2016:Making of "Bettie Nude Study" -Anim Steps Gallery

01/03/2016:Bettie Nude Study -Pin Up Art Gallery 12

11/30/2015:JeanneKim -Various Art Gallery 1

11/15/2015:Variable Flying Text -Anim StepByStep Gallery

11/07/2015:Animating Black Cat Close Up -Anim Steps Gallery

11/07/2015:Animating Black Cat -Anim StepByStep Gallery

11/05/2015:Making of "Cartoon Bettie" -Anim Steps Gallery

11/01/2015:Making of "Bettie Forever" -Anim Steps Gallery

10/19/2015:Going To Carve -Various Art Gallery 1

10/08/2015:Cartoon Bettie -Pin Up Art Gallery 12

09/30/2015:Blushing Bettie -Portraits Gallery 4

09/24/2015:Bettie Forever -Pin Up Art Gallery 12

08/27/2015:Marilyn Quick Study 4 -Portraits Gallery 4

08/24/2015:Marilyn Quick Study 3 -Portraits Gallery 4

08/22/2015:Marilyn Quick Study 2 -Portraits Gallery 4

08/19/2015:Marilyn Quick Study 1 -Portraits Gallery 4

07/11/2015:Poison Ivy -Various Art Gallery 1

06/28/2015:Black Cat Corvette -Various Art Gallery 1

06/20/2015:Stefania -Portraits Gallery 3

06/03/2015:Lady Godiva -Various Art Gallery 1

05/27/2015:Spirito Allegro -Various Art Gallery 1

05/11/2015:Pinup Portrait -Pin Up Art Gallery 12

05/03/2015:Federica Brignone -Various Art Gallery 1

03/22/2015:Seffana Selfie -Pin Up Art Gallery 12

02/21/2015:MARQUIS Magazine features my work

02/20/2015:Pisces -Signs Of Zodiac Gallery

02/12/2015:Longboard beer -Pin Up Art Gallery 12

02/04/2015:Rolling Stones free wallpaper

01/21/2015:Aquarius -Signs Of Zodiac Gallery

01/19/2015:Silk Stockings -Pin Up Art Gallery 11

01/11/2015:The Rolling Stones -Various Art Gallery 1

12/22/2014:Capricorn -Signs Of Zodiac Gallery

12/15/2014:Tease And Cake Magazine features my work

12/11/2014:Ronnie Wood -Caricatures Gallery 1

12/03/2014:Surf 2 -Pin Up Art Gallery 11

11/23/2014:Sagittarius -Signs Of Zodiac Gallery

11/09/2014:Charlie Watts -Caricatures Gallery 1

11/01/2014:Il Giorno Dei Morti -Various Art Gallery 1

10/23/2014:Scorpio -Signs Of Zodiac Gallery

10/15/2014:Halloween Retro Pinup -Various Art Gallery 1

10/05/2014:Keith Richards -Caricatures Gallery 1

09/23/2014:Libra -Signs Of Zodiac Gallery

09/22/2014:Mick Jagger -Caricatures Gallery 1

08/24/2014:Virgo -Signs Of Zodiac Gallery

08/02/2014:Envy Us Deviant -Portraits Gallery 3

07/23/2014:Leo -Signs Of Zodiac Gallery

07/30/2014:Fuchsia -Portraits Gallery 3

06/24/2014:Salomè -Various Art Gallery 1

06/22/2014:Cancer -Signs Of Zodiac Gallery

05/21/2014:Gemini -Signs Of Zodiac Gallery

04/26/2014:Ginger -Portraits Gallery 3

04/21/2014:Taurus -Signs Of Zodiac Gallery

04/08/2014:Trixie -Various Art Gallery 1

03/21/2014:Aries -Signs Of Zodiac Gallery

02/09/2014:Power Girl Is Back -Various Art Gallery 1

01/03/2014:Interview-Lorenzo featured on ImagineFX Magazine

12/11/2013:Eternal Feminine-Various Art Gallery 1

12/05/2013:Surf 1 -Pin Up Art Gallery 11

11/21/2013:Virna Lisi -Portraits Gallery 3

11/14/2013:Julie Newmar-Various Art Gallery 1

10/31/2013:El Dia De Los Muertos -Various Art Gallery 1

10/11/2013 :Flattering feedback I got from the Shayana Shop crew

09/14/2013:Shangri-La -Pin Up Art Gallery 11

09/11/2013:Blondie -Portraits Gallery 3

08/29/2013:Interview-Lorenzo featured at PinUpClub of Deviant Art

08/11/2013:Mi manchi amico -Portraits Gallery 3

07/03/2013:L'Orso -Various Art Gallery 1

06/30/2013:Ride Free! -Various Art Gallery 1

06/17/2013:Wild Wild West Party -Various Art Gallery 1

06/09/2013:Nina -Pin Up Art Gallery 10

05/22/2013:Fishing An Angry Mermaid -Various Art Gallery 1

05/02/2013:Black Cat -Various Art Gallery 1

04/20/2013:Toonyette 16 -Cartoonized pinup -Toonyette 2,0 Gallery

04/15/2013:Power Girl -Various Art Gallery 1

04/01/2013:Supergirl Is Back -Various Art Gallery 1

03/15/2013:Belly Dancer -Various Art Gallery 1

03/07/2013:Interview-Lorenzo featured on Fixe Magazine

02/14/2013:Roller Derby -Pin Up Art Gallery 10

02/03/2013:Cow Girl -Various Art Gallery 1

01/26/2013:Toonyette 15 -Cartoonized pinup -Toonyette 2,0 Gallery

01/14/2013:Toonyette 14 -Cartoonized pinup -Toonyette 2,0 Gallery

01/05/2013:Toonyette 13 -Cartoonized pinup -Toonyette 2,0 Gallery

12/03/2012:Christmas Marilyn -Pin Up Art Gallery 10

11/12/2012:Wanna Play? -Pin Up Art Gallery 10

10/29/2012:Autostop -Pin Up Art Gallery 10

10/11/2012:The Sky Above Metropolis -Various Art Gallery 1

09/03/2012:Greetings From Cortina -Pin Up Art Gallery 9

08/14/2012:Greetings From Canazei -Pin Up Art Gallery 9

08/11/2012:Retouch Commercial Works -Photo Retouch Gallery

07/26/2012:Illustration Commercial Works -Advertising Gallery

07/15/2012:Zeno Colò -Various Art Gallery 1

07/08/2012:Greetings From Cervinia -Pin Up Art Gallery 9

06/02/2012:Natural Evolution -Pin Up Art Gallery 9

05/17/2012:Heartbreakers Squadron -Pin Up Art Gallery 9

04/26/2012:Miss Magic -Pin Up Art Gallery 9

03/21/2012:Pinups Love Vespa 1 -Pin Up Art Gallery 9

02/14/2012:Bombs Away -Pin Up Art Gallery 9

01/15/2012:Erotic Fantasy Art Vol. 2 - Amazing Art Book featuring three of my works: Callipygian Angel, It's Time For Heroes and Dark Queen which is also featured as front cover.

12/05/2011:Christmas Elf Girl -Pin Up Art Gallery 9

11/26/2011:Chanel Bon Bon -Step Painting Process

11/15/2011:Chanel Bon Bon -Pin Up Art Gallery 9

10/05/2011:Goodbye, Steve! -Caricatures Gallery 1

09/12/2011:Jayne -Portraits Gallery 3

08/10/2011:Sofia -Portraits Gallery 3

07/15/2011:Annie -Pin Up Art Gallery 7

06/23/2011:Miko -Pin Up Art Gallery 7

05/16/2011:Ulla -Pin Up Art Gallery 8

05/08/2011:Toonyette -Cartoonized pinups -Toonyette 1,0 Gallery

04/18/2011:Dig it? -Pin Up Art Gallery 8

03/16/2011:Touches Of Red -Pin Up Art Gallery 8-Model Sayuri

03/03/2011:Surprise! -Pin Up Art Gallery 8

02/14/2011:Springtime Bunny -Pin Up Art Gallery 8

02/03/2011:Glossy Latex -Pin Up Art Gallery 8-Model Ijsselina

01/19/2011:Callipygian Angel -Fantasy Art Gallery 3

12/14/2010:Celine -Pin Up Art Gallery 8-Model Celine

12/09/2010:Covered Christmas Night -Pin Up Art Gallery 8

11/25/2010:Classic Santa -Various Art Gallery 1

11/12/2010:Covered Xmas'03 -Pin Up Art Gallery 8-Model Anna-Marie

09/12/2010:Think Pink! -Pin Up Art Gallery 8-Model Kay

08/23/2010:Vanessa Doll -Pin Up Art Gallery 9-Model Vanessa

06/11/2010:Julia -Portraits Gallery 3

04/26/2010:Wind Blown Hair -Pin Up Art Gallery 8-Model Madeleine

04/07/2010:Marilyn Again -Portraits Gallery 3

03/29/2010:Raqual -Pin Up Art Gallery 8

03/15/2010:Kay Portrait -Portraits Gallery 3

03/04/2010:Veronika Portrait -Portraits Gallery 2

02/15/2010:Cleopatra -Portraits Gallery 2

02/03/2010:Intriguing Lines -Pin Up Art Gallery 9-Model Susanna

01/18/2010:Perfect Latex -Pin Up Art Gallery 8-Model Nikki

01/07/2010:Dark Queen -Fantasy Art Gallery 3-Model Madeleine

12/27/2009:Interview-Lorenzo featured on Imagine Magazine

12/10/2009:Christmas Night -Pin Up Art Gallery 7

12/05/2009:Prince -Portraits Gallery 2

11/23/2009:Roberta -Pin Up Art Gallery 7

11/15/2009:Twilight -Portraits Gallery 2

11/07/2009:Regina -Pin Up Art Gallery 7

10/28/2009:Black Cats Divination -Fantasy Art Gallery 3

10/21/2009:Halloween '09 -Fantasy Art Gallery 3

10/02/2009:Schoolgirl 2 -Pin Up Art Gallery 7

09/23/2009:Bluto -Portraits Gallery 2

09/18/2009:Elvis -Portraits Gallery 2

09/14/2009:Drak Mermaid -Fantasy Art Gallery 2-Model Drakaina

09/07/2009:Goodbye, Michael! -Portraits Gallery 2

09/02/2009:Schoolgirl 1 -Pin Up Art Gallery 7

08/24/2009:Hunny Bunny 2 -Line Art Version -Pin Up Art Gallery 7

08/21/2009:Hunny Bunny -Pin Up Art Gallery 7-Model Kay

08/10/2009:Pin Up Show 2 -Line Art Version -Pin Up Art Gallery 7

08/07/2009:Pin Up Show -Pin Up Art Gallery 7-Model Jessamyn

07/23/2009:Red & Black -Pin Up Art Gallery 7-Model Kay

07/09/2009:Champagne -Pin Up Art Gallery 7-Model Veronika

06/23/2009:Red LateXXX -Pin Up Art Gallery 6-Model Seffana

06/17/2009:Red LateXX -Pin Up Art Gallery 6-Model Seffana

06/12/2009:Red LateX -Pin Up Art Gallery 6-Model Seffana

06/09/2009:Julie As Vampirella -Pin Up Art Gallery 6-Model Julie

05/27/2009:Hot Corset -Pin Up Art Gallery 6-Model Veronika

05/19/2009:Cat Kay 2 -Cat Girl Art Gallery-Model Kay

05/03/2009:Cat Nicole -Cat Girl Art Gallery-Model Nicole

04/07/2009:Pisces -Fantasy Art Gallery 6

03/18/2009:The Erotic Signature 2009 Winners have been announced!
The Pop Up painting has been selected to be featured on the Erotic Signature Art Book Vol.III

02/03/2009:Aquarius -Fantasy Art Gallery 6

12/27/2008:Capricorn -Fantasy Art Gallery 6

12/15/2008:Goodbye, Bettie! -Portraits Gallery 2

12/08/2008:Mary Christmas -Portraits Gallery 2

12/05/2008:Sagittarius -Fantasy Art Gallery 6

11/19/2008:Sarah -Pin Up Art Gallery 6-Model Sarah

11/07/2008:Scorpio -Fantasy Art Gallery 6

10/15/2008:Libra -Fantasy Art Gallery 6

09/24/2008:Virgo -Fantasy Art Gallery 6

09/05/2008:Leo -Fantasy Art Gallery 6

08/10/2008:Slave -Pin Up Art Gallery 6-Model Slave

07/26/2008:Cancer -Fantasy Art Gallery 6

06/23/2008:Gemini -Fantasy Art Gallery 6

05/24/2008:Taurus -Fantasy Art Gallery 6

05/03/2008:Aries -Signs Of Zodiac Gallery

04/10/2008:It's Time For Heroes -Fantasy Art Gallery 3-Model Veronika

03/22/2008:Killer Dame -Pin Up Art Gallery 6-Model Kay

03/15/2008:Stars Under Snow -Fantasy Art Gallery 3

03/05/2008:Fire Cavern -Fantasy Art Gallery 3

02/22/2008:Nile Sunset -Fantasy Art Gallery 4

01/01/2008:Gallery -Lorenzo featured on Heavy Metal magazine

12/30/2007:Twin Dragons -Fantasy Art Gallery 3

12/23/2007:The Erotic Signature 2008 Winners have been announced!
The Eye Candy, the Be Quiet! and the Cat Julie paintings have been selected to be featured on the Erotic Signature Art Book Vol.II

12/12/2007:Cat Suzi -Cat Girl Art Gallery-Model Suzi

11/22/2007:Young girl (Acrylic)-Portraits Gallery 2

11/08/2007:Girl (Acrylic) -Portraits Gallery 2

10/11/2007:Brad Pitt (Acrylic)-Portraits Gallery 2

09/12/2007:Cat Stacy -Cat Girl Art Gallery-Model Stacy

08/30/2007:Debra -Pin Up Art Gallery 6-Model Debra

08/02/2007:Cat Julie -Cat Girl Art Gallery-Model Julie

08/01/2007:Interview-Lorenzo featured at

07/23/2007:Wolf Queen -Fantasy Art Gallery 4

07/09/2007:Elizabeth -Fantasy Art Gallery 4

06/25/2007:Tiger Queen -Fantasy Art Gallery 4

05/07/2007:Releasing date of the Erotic Signature 2007 Art Book

05/03/2007:Cat Kay -Cat Girl Art Gallery-Model Kay

04/12/2007:Cat Veronika -Cat Girl Art Gallery-Model Veronika

03/22/2007:Cat Slave -Cat Girl Art Gallery-Model Slave

02/23/2007:Cheetah Queen -Fantasy Art Gallery 4

12/22/2006:Sea Angel -Fantasy Art Gallery 2-Model Julie

12/15/2006:The Erotic Signature 2007 Winners have been announced!
The Venus Is Back painting won the Digital Art Category Award and the Suzi painting has been selected to be featured on the Erotic Signature Art Book Vol.I

12/07/2006:Releasing date of the Aphrodisia II Art Book

12/03/2006:Panther Queen -Fantasy Art Gallery 4

11/22/2006:Pencil Drawings -Commissions page

08/28/2006:Bodacious Blonde -Pin Up Art Gallery 6-Model Kay

08/12/2006:Suzi -Pin Up Art Gallery 6-Model Suzi

08/05/2006:Sunset Beach -Fantasy Art Gallery 2

07/27/2006:Pamela -Pin Up Art Gallery 6-Model Pamela

06/18/2006:Panda Queen -Fantasy Art Gallery 4

06/12/2006:The Aphrodisia II Winners have been announced!
The Julie painting has been selected to be featured on the back cover of the book, the Upside Down and the Sex Bomb painting have been selected to be featured on the book

04/20/2006:Butterfly-Fantasy Art Gallery 2-Model Julie

03/01/2006:Be Quiet!-Pin Up Art Gallery 5-Model Kay

02/20/2006:Pop Up-Pin Up Art Gallery 5-Model Julie

02/05/2006:Pretty In Pink-Pin Up Art Gallery 5-Model Kay

01/30/2006:Off Limit-Fantasy Art Gallery 2-Model Julie

12/14/2005:Yuki2 (Acrylic)-Pin Up Art Gallery 5-Model Yuki

12/08/2005:Tutorial-Lorenzo featured at

12/02/2005:Upside Down-Pin Up Art Gallery 5-Model Ann Marie

11/21/2005:On The Beach-Fantasy Art Gallery 2-Model Nicole

11/09/2005:Lorenzo At Work-See some photos-ABOUT section

11/04/2005:Artist Spotlight-Lorenzo featured at

10/18/2005:Two Peaks...-Fantasy Art Gallery 2-Model Drakaina

10/03/2005:Red Hot Stacy (Acrylic)-Pin Up Art Gallery 5-Model Stacy

09/19/2005:Lauren-Pin Up Art Gallery 5-Model Lauren

09/12/2005:Blue In Boots (Acrylic)-Pin Up Art Gallery 5-Model Mai

08/22/2005:Lovely Kay (Acrylic)-Pin Up Art Gallery 5-Model Kay

08/08/2005:Lovin'Lingam-Fantasy Art Gallery 2-Model Julie

07/12/2005:Try Me!-Fantasy Art Gallery 2-Model Veronika

06/03/2005:Sex Bomb-Pin Up Art Gallery 5-Model Julie

04/04/2005:Honey-Pin Up Art Gallery 5-Model Julie

03/14/2005:Rain Dance-Fantasy Art Gallery 1-Model Stacy

02/23/2005:Vampirella-Fantasy Art Gallery 2

02/07/2005:Ice Cream-Pin Up Art Gallery 5-Model Julie

01/24/2005:Julie-Fantasy Art Gallery 2-Model Julie

12/16/2004:Marilyn '04-Portraits Gallery 1

11/29/2004:Venus Is Back-Fantasy Art Gallery 2-Model Veronika

11/18/2004:Interview-Lorenzo featured at

11/08/2004:Marilyn '04 Study-Portraits Gallery 1

10/18/2004:Gift For The Queen-Fantasy Art Gallery 1-Model Stacy

10/03/2004:Dark Angel-Fantasy Art Gallery 1-Model Claudia

09/19/2004:Boudoir Blues-Pin Up Art Gallery 4-Model Kay

08/30/2004:Lady In Boots-Pin Up Art Gallery 4-Model Stacy

08/14/2004:Opening Date of The Heavy Metal Magazine Exhibition at the Echo Gallery of Chicago. I'm exhibiting three fantasy paintings: Full Moon Battle, Death Row and Chained Angel

08/07/2004:Strong Sex-Pin Up Art Gallery 4-Model Veronika

07/12/2004:Full Moon Battle-Fantasy Art Gallery 1-Model Stacy

06/21/2004:Death Row-Fantasy Art Gallery 1-Model Veronika

06/12/2004:Sirens-Fantasy Art Gallery 2

05/31/2004:Stacy-Fantasy Art Gallery 1-Model Stacy

05/18/2004:The Tiger Painting-Pin Up Art Gallery 4-Model Yuki

05/07/2004:Honey Moon-Pin Up Art Gallery 4-Model Yuki

04/25/2004:Tattoo Lady-Pin Up Art Gallery 4-Model Veronika

04/15/2004:Yuki-Pin Up Art Gallery 4-Model Yuki

04/02/2004:Christine-Portraits Gallery 1-Model Christine

03/22/2004:Matrix-Fantasy Art Gallery 1-Model Veronika

03/10/2004:Kay-Pin Up Art Gallery 4-Model Kay

02/27/2004:Natural Media Artworks-Scans of 11 artworks I realized with natural media up to 1992. See them in Pin Up Art, Fantasy Art and Portraits galleries

02/14/2004:Chained Angel-Fantasy Art Gallery 1-Model Veronika

01/20/2004:Veronika-Pin Up Art Gallery 4-Model Veronika


Lorenzo artworks, miscellaneous art

Lorenzo artworks, miscellaneous art

Lorenzo artworks, pin-up art


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See Pin-Up art, Fantasy paintings, Portraits, Caricatures, original art by Lorenzo Di Mauro.
























See Pin-Up art, Fantasy paintings, Portraits, Caricatures, original art by Lorenzo Di Mauro.